We are a local initiative aiming to bring social entrepreneurs together in the Mother City and its surrounding townships, by providing a comfortable place for professionals to gather.

Our network

With a worldwide presence, 18.000 employees, 550 establishments and services and a turnover of over 1billion €, GROUPE SOS is the first European social enterprise.


Launched over thirty-five years ago to tackle social exclusion in all its forms. The group responds to societal needs in 8 sectors of activity: Youth, Employment, Solidarities, Health, Seniors, Culture, Ecological transition and International action.


Raise global awareness on entrepreneurship & social responsibility in South Africa.


Bring a sense of commitment & reciprocity in the SA entrepreneurial mindset.


Drive entrepreneurs,  organisations, public authorities & companies to impact society through tangible action.


GROUPE SOS’s program supports entrepreneurship around social and environmental innovations. Its network of incubators and experts are engaged in France and several African countries. In Cape Town, they have been running incubation and residence programs since 2017.


Our partners