At ORIBI, we provide a great space to work and have a productive day. We offer tailored memberships to suit your way of life. Busy Cheetah or King of the Jungle, we are happy to adapt our offer to your specific needs!

*Free Sliver membership at FSACCI included in 12-month, 6-month and 3-month packages only

**Parking bays subject to availability


You're not here long. You're gonna run away soon. But you still wanna take a moment and meet the oribis. You're a rare animal. 

So lucky are we to have you part of the family!


Here is your home. Here is your family. Do you want to get involved in the village, by sharing your skills, knowledge, services or even your products? Come chat to us and we'll give you the discounted ORIBI's rate. We are a social impact incubator and always need a hand. This is the ORIBI's spirit - helping each other and growing together. 


King of the jungle. You found your spot and want to settle for a while. You like the oribis and love their energy. You want to take part in their weekly meetups. Welcome to the village, and welcome to the FSACCI (French Chamber of Commerce).