As ORIBI Village, we believe that social entrepreneurs can help to build a more productive, efficient, inclusive, sustainable, transparent, and resilient food system by addressing three challenges: operational excellence, supply chain orchestration, and transparency.

This is why we designed the first tailor-made incubation programme supporting entrepreneurs, organizations & innovators working towards a sustainable & equitable food system.

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What is it?

Our mission is to offer key tools for social entrepreneurs in order to help them scale up quickly and have a positive impact locally and globally. ​ We are providing a variety of services such as weekly workshops and masterclasses, mentoring sessions and a physical place to work from. ​

Meet our Incubees

Through weekly workshops, masterclasses, and individual mentoring sessions, the entrepreneurs are given key tools to turn their idea into a sustainable business model. After a journey of nearly 1 year, we are proud to celebrate with them their small wins and big successes



Workshops facilitated


Masterclasses hosted


Follow-ups ensured


Operational partnerships


Videos realized


Events organized

• Shopit is a finalist in the MIT Innovation Challenge Africa 2019     

• Making Kos is launching the first "indigeneous food meal-box" in South Africa in partnership with Ucook

• PEDI has launched a prototype with 13 small-scale farmers, multiplying
by 6 and a half their monthly revenues

What's next?

Oribi Village has teamed up with The Southern Africa Food Lab to perpetuate and scale up its support for entrepreneurs working to tackle food insecurity. From farm to fork, let’s create a more sustainable and equitable food system!