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ORIBI Village is a GROUPE SOS Pulse non-profit company, promoting social entrepreneurship and positive impact in Cape Town.


It is a local initiative aimed at bringing social entrepreneurs together in the Mother City and its townships, through a physical everyday place for professionals acting for a positive effect on the society.


In other words, ORIBI Village is:

  • a positive-impact incubator

  • a collaborative workspace for change-makers

  • a inspirational venue to amplify a sustainable South African economy


About the group

With its 15,000 employees and 480 structures, GROUPE SOS is one of Europe’s foremost social and societal undertakings. For over 30 years now, GROUPE SOS has been putting economic efficiency at the service of the interests of the general public. In so doing, it provides responses to the issues of today’s society by developing innovative solutions in its five main fields of activity. The actions undertaken by GROUPE SOS have an impact on 1.6 million beneficiaries every year.


GROUPE SOS Pulse is the support and consulting structure of GROUPE SOS. Their objective is to enable the acceleration of projects with big social or environmental impact. To encourage the emergence of high-potential social enterprises, GROUPE SOS Pulse creates and co-manages incubators in France, in Africa, in America and in Asia.

ORIBI Village has a threefold task 



sustainable unicorns

  • By supporting local entrepreneurship with a positive impact on the environment and society

  • By giving them access to skills (through classes and workshops), mentorship, technologies, and relevant networks

  • By helping them to grow and amplify their impact sustainably



a conscious community

  • By bringing change-makers from Cape Town and its townships together to serve South African economies

  • By providing them working spaces, hands-on support, global & local networking and event opportunities

  • By creating an “ORIBI spirit”, serving innovative and collaborative positive projects 



local change-makers

  • By hosting a large program of social events (meet-ups, talks, workshops, classes, cocktails…) to nurture and bring together change-makers

  • By linking public authorities, start-ups, and bigger companies to serve common interests

  • By inspiring and creating positive local initiatives through these events